Saturday, 17 September 2011

Blog of the Week #2

Hello again!

It's that time of week again when I reveal this weeks Blog of the Week!

I had so much fun picking out the blog for today's post.  I spent a lot of time last week writing down every blog that was on here and popping it in my little pot, so it was really exciting to put my hand in and see who I pulled out.

So here we go.  The Little Blog of Blogs Blog of the Week...Justine's Halloween.

Surprisingly, you can find the wonderful Justine's Halloween over at the Halloween section on TLBOB, with the following description:

"Halloween stories, photos, recipes, art, crafts, party planning, decorating, costumes, make-up and more!  Everything you need for Halloween year round!"

In case you hadn't guessed, Justine has a little bit of an obsession with Halloween.  Even when it's not Halloween.  That, however is not a bad thing even in the slightest.  Who doesn't love just giving into the holiday spirit, even if that holiday spirit includes dressing like a demon and rotting your teeth while you play with spiders and skeletons?  It's a wonderful time of the year!  And who doesn't want to celebrate it every day?  Justine that's who.  While the most of the world wakes up on 1st November and starts cleaning all the squidgy toy eyes out of their drink glasses and removing the remains of their zombie make-up, and starts to prepare for other holidays and goes about their daily life.  Justine doesn't, she starts her search for even more things that celebrate all things to do with her favourite day of the year.

So who is Justine?

"Hi, My name is Justine and Halloween has always been my favourite holiday!  I love to dress up in costume, decorate the house, cook and bake Halloween themed recipes, and watch scary movies.  Many of my paintings are Halloween themed.  You can see some of my art in my artfire and etsy shops, as well as my website:  I am always in the Halloween spirit and update my blog throughout the year!  So stay tuned for lots of fun Halloween ideas as far as crafts, food, and decorating!"

What isn't there to like about that?  All aspects of Halloween, enjoyed all year long.  I'm on board with that.  She doesn't limit the fun to one day, so why should we.  By following her blog you'll get a good dose of Halloween and all its glory every time you read a post.

Constantly on the look for Halloween finds, she posts them up for all to see.  From wonderful cauldrons, to creepy trading cards and amazing Vincent Price badges/buttons.  Hidden among these gems are plenty of film clips that she enjoys comparing to what's going on in her life at the time, a funny comparison is made about her pleasant dentist experience and The Little Shop of Horrors in the post Chomp! Chomp! A trip to my dentist.  Or talking about The Wolfman (1941) on a full moon, along with a poem and plenty of other interesting information in the post; For the Cultured Werewolf.  She has a love for the classic movie monsters and the more macabre side of Gothic, and a extraordinary out look on life, that helps keep her readers interested and longing for Halloween.

If you want to hear more about she has a twitter page, you should go and follow her @justine_oct31.

So please, give her blog a try!!!  You'll immediately start planning you're favourite holiday season too!


  1. What a sweet write-up! Thank you. :) You have good timing since I just updated my blog tonight!

    When I started "Justine's Halloween" last October, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find Halloween/spooky topics year round. It turns out there are endless possibilities for dark inspiration in everyday occurrences, if you decide that's what you want to see.

    It sounds like you're becoming a Halloween person yourself...

  2. I love Justine's Halloween blog. Her artwork is amazing and I have my eye on a few. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

    Congrats Justine!!!

  3. Congratulations, Justine!!

    This is particularly great because Justine just reached the 100 followers milestone, as well! She writes such fascinating posts and she's a lovely person. Justine's Halloween is a fabulous blog!!

  4. Halloween is my favorite! I need to go check Justine out now :)

  5. Awesome. Congrats, great post on Justine's blog and I learned what a plague doctor mask was used for from a post she did. Which I've always seen these things but didn't know the history behind them so I learned something that day and you can too, so go check out her blog great stuff :)