Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bye for now!

I know that I haven't been around for a while, and I know I've actually got a pile of emails to look through but a lot of personal issues have come first to The Little Blog of Blogs and at this moment I don't see me being able to do this blog again for a while.  I am sorry for those I have ignored but hopefully you won't take offense or think that I have abandoned you all.  I do intend to get back in TLBOB but I need to get better first, once I've done that I'm going to try my damn hardest to get you all connected again.

I hope you understand.

Thank you

Monday, 14 November 2011

I haven't disappeared, Still here!

Yep, The Little Blog of Blogs is still kicking its way around the blogging community like a child demanding attention and giving you plenty in return.  We have plenty of new blogs joining and hopefully even more joining. So thank you to all those blogs that have helped me get to 62 blogs.  I'm working to my next target and hopefully will have fulfilled it soon...I want 75 blogs on here minimum (gasp!).

This is only the beginning.

I really do want to help you get your blogs out there in the world and get you more adoring fans than ever!

The Little Blog of Blogs has been lucky enough to have won an award, so thank you to Emma at the Little Gothic Horrors blog!!!

Liebster ("Dearest" in German) Blog Award

The Rules
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog
2. Pass the award on to 5 blogs with less than 200 followers.

So thank you Emma for helping spread the love!

And rather than choose blogs I've done the more fun thing and pulled 5 blogs out of my blog tub from this website randomly!  This blogs not about my favourite blogs, it's about you finding yours so it would be unfair of me to choose.

1. travel spot (you can find her here in TLBOB)

2. Ireland Ever After (you can find her here in TLBOB)

3. Xploiting Cinema Reviews (you can find him here in TLBOB)

4. It's On Random (you can find her here on TLBOB)

5. The Cookie Button (you can find her here on TLBOB)

Check all of these blogs, and thanks to everyone for helping to spread the blog love!

From your friendly neighbourhood blog, The Little Blog of Blogs!

Monday, 3 October 2011


So sorry, haven't abandoned this blog, but I've been really poorly and in hospital for a few days, but I'm out now and I'm hoping to get back on track and to get you some new blogs on here to read pretty soon.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sorry no blog of the week this week

I'm sorry to be so behind, but I haven't been very well lately and been away from the laptop for quite a few days.  I'm getting better, but any Blog of the Week post I do will probably do no justice to the blog itself until I feel a bit less tired.  So Blog of the Week is on hold for a few more days and when I'm up to writing a full post again I'll put up the new post.  Don't forget if you really want someone to be Blog of the Week you can email me;

See you soon

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I just thought I'd take some time out and thank everyone on here again, The Little Blog of Blogs now houses over 50 different blogs!!!  I never thought there would be this many in such a short time, and the numbers are still going up.  I really do hope that people have managed to find new blogs on here, because that's the whole purpose of TLBOB.

Thanks everyone again!

p.s. Another thank you to those who've helped spread the word too!!!

p.p.s. If you still haven't got your blog up on here why not?  It's simple, follow these instructions.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Blog of the Week #2

Hello again!

It's that time of week again when I reveal this weeks Blog of the Week!

I had so much fun picking out the blog for today's post.  I spent a lot of time last week writing down every blog that was on here and popping it in my little pot, so it was really exciting to put my hand in and see who I pulled out.

So here we go.  The Little Blog of Blogs Blog of the Week...Justine's Halloween.

Surprisingly, you can find the wonderful Justine's Halloween over at the Halloween section on TLBOB, with the following description:

"Halloween stories, photos, recipes, art, crafts, party planning, decorating, costumes, make-up and more!  Everything you need for Halloween year round!"

In case you hadn't guessed, Justine has a little bit of an obsession with Halloween.  Even when it's not Halloween.  That, however is not a bad thing even in the slightest.  Who doesn't love just giving into the holiday spirit, even if that holiday spirit includes dressing like a demon and rotting your teeth while you play with spiders and skeletons?  It's a wonderful time of the year!  And who doesn't want to celebrate it every day?  Justine that's who.  While the most of the world wakes up on 1st November and starts cleaning all the squidgy toy eyes out of their drink glasses and removing the remains of their zombie make-up, and starts to prepare for other holidays and goes about their daily life.  Justine doesn't, she starts her search for even more things that celebrate all things to do with her favourite day of the year.

So who is Justine?

"Hi, My name is Justine and Halloween has always been my favourite holiday!  I love to dress up in costume, decorate the house, cook and bake Halloween themed recipes, and watch scary movies.  Many of my paintings are Halloween themed.  You can see some of my art in my artfire and etsy shops, as well as my website:  I am always in the Halloween spirit and update my blog throughout the year!  So stay tuned for lots of fun Halloween ideas as far as crafts, food, and decorating!"

What isn't there to like about that?  All aspects of Halloween, enjoyed all year long.  I'm on board with that.  She doesn't limit the fun to one day, so why should we.  By following her blog you'll get a good dose of Halloween and all its glory every time you read a post.

Constantly on the look for Halloween finds, she posts them up for all to see.  From wonderful cauldrons, to creepy trading cards and amazing Vincent Price badges/buttons.  Hidden among these gems are plenty of film clips that she enjoys comparing to what's going on in her life at the time, a funny comparison is made about her pleasant dentist experience and The Little Shop of Horrors in the post Chomp! Chomp! A trip to my dentist.  Or talking about The Wolfman (1941) on a full moon, along with a poem and plenty of other interesting information in the post; For the Cultured Werewolf.  She has a love for the classic movie monsters and the more macabre side of Gothic, and a extraordinary out look on life, that helps keep her readers interested and longing for Halloween.

If you want to hear more about she has a twitter page, you should go and follow her @justine_oct31.

So please, give her blog a try!!!  You'll immediately start planning you're favourite holiday season too!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blog of the Week #1

So here it is, the first Blog of the Week.

I had a hard time deciding how I will decide who will be presented on blog of the week.  I thought if I chose my favourite blog every week it wouldn't be fair to some of those amazing blogs that are featured on this site.  Then I thought maybe the classic pull a name out of a hat method.  I'm going to put all the blogs on here in to a little box I have and every week pull a name out.  Or alternatively it would be really great if one of you guys emailed me an nomination.

Then I'll look at that blog and see what makes them unique, what makes that blog brilliant, and just what that blog is all about.  Then I'm going to show you.

These are the methods I will be using in the future.

This week it's different though, this week I'm going to be a little bias and I hope I will be forgiven for it.  This weeks blog was chosen simply because of the help that has been given.  She has helped me out so much to promote this site and gone out her way to email me several times.  She was the first person to join her name to The Little Blog of Blogs.  So without further delay I introduce to you, the wonderful Little Gothic Horrors.

You can find Little Gothic Horrors in the Horror section on TLBOB, with the following description:

"A dwelling place for all things delightfully dark in television, movies, books, dolls, craft, art and quotes.  Generally about the lighter, fun side of the dark side rather than hardcore gore."

Little Gothic Horrors, definitely tries to stick to the more Gothic side of horror, and tends to steer clear from the world of extreme gore.  This is what makes her site so interesting.  Instead of being splashed in the techno-gore colours that get sprayed across most horror blogs (which can be fitting to other horror blogs), she has chosen a more subtle monochrome and classic effect.  One that was adorned by horror movies of old.  Even her profile boasts an amazing black and white still of the original Morticia and Gomez Addams (the wonderful Carolyn Jones and John Astin).

So, who is the woman behind the faces of Morticia and Gomez?  Well her name is Emma, and she tells us all in her About Me section:

"Hi, my name is Emma and I've always been smitten with the supernatural and the spooky.  I have created this blog to be a dwelling place for all things delightfully dark.  My family, my cat and my friends are the centre of my universe, and a night spent at home with a DVD and a Chinese take-away is my idea of a party.  An actual party, oddly enough, is not my idea of a party."

Maybe most would expect a lengthy description of how she lives in her ancient castle and how she owns her own graveyard and loves to take walks through it at midnight (she in fact does not live in a castle or own a graveyard, at least she's never mentioned it =/), but instead you get a woman who is really easy to relate too.  Who doesn't like to just relax with a DVD sometimes?

Why should you visit Emma's Little Gothic Horrors blog?

Simple.  It's brilliant.

Tending to stay away from the Staples of "Fridays I'm in Love With" and "Outfit of Day" and it suits her just fine (don't get me wrong, I do love indulging in these types of posts on other blogs but Little Gothic Horrors just does not suit those types of posts).  Instead posts filled with "Delightfully Dark Quotes" from the likes of Boris Karloff, and "Delightfully Dark Finds" that shows her beautifully Gothic and more macabre...well, finds.  She discusses classic and cult TV shows and films as well as modern gems like Supernatural and Buffy.

In a whole, Little Gothic Horrors is an amazing site, and it is authored by someone who has succeeded in rooting themselves in classic horror stylings but isn't afraid to indulge in some of the modern too.  Any one who likes Horror this blog is perfect for you, and for those who don't please give it a try you might just fall in love.